Wellcome to mspplus!

For more then 20 years I´ve been working as an Interim Manager, Executive Manager and Consutant national und international in producing companies 

My main skills are as follows:

  • Business process optimisation
  • Reorganisation of business devisions
  • Industrial implementation of technical products
  • Leadership of challenging products
  • Leadership of facilities/ production lines
  • Evaluation, planning and relocation of facilities
  • Personnel management and coaching of managers

 I take a closer look into the sources of interferences of procedures and interfaces to ensure

  • permanent efficiency
  • sturdy procedures with all needed actions.

It becomes apparent that the most important improvements can be found in between of devisions and not inside of them anymore,

As an interim manager Ì´m able to intervene here effective.

My astablished ability to solve problems and conflicts quick and reach reduction of distress  made many of my customers hire me multiple times.

They appreciate my compentence of clear communication and presentation, consequently realisation of common decisions and attainment of target agreements.

If you make contact, we can talk as well about your expectations and requirements as about possibilities of collaboration.

Tank you very much for your interest.

Dr. Gerhard Müller-Spanka